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Meet Lindani Nxumalo

“I wouldn’t be where I am today without the CoCo’s Foundation…”

Those are the words of Lindani Nxumalo, who trained to become a commercial diver through our Skills4Life programme. Like many before him and many more to come, Lindani’s dream was made possible through the active support and sponsorship of our Foundation. His success story is a testament to what can be achieved when we come together to make dreams come true

Building futures through education sponsorships

From Early years to tertiary education, The CoCo’s Foundation recognises education is one of the most effective tools for breaking the cycle of poverty.

Through Skills4Life, we provide educational sponsorships that cover tuition costs for Further Education and Training (F.E.T) colleges and universities. By doing so, we’re not just investing in individuals but also planting seeds for stronger, healthier communities.

These sponsorships empower young adults to build a sustainable future for themselves and their families, thereby creating a ripple effect of change.

Supporting orphans through after-school clubs

In this region alone, there are approximately 9,000 orphans facing the emotional toll of bereavement and life without parents.

Through our Skills4Life programme, we run after-school clubs in collaboration with local social workers. These clubs provide a safe space for orphans to engage in activities that help them develop essential life skills while also addressing traumatic emotional issues.

Thanks to the incredible generosity of our donors, volunteers and community partnerships, our Skills4Life programme is making a real impacting difference.

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